ZS Trading Corporation is one of the renowned Organizations incepted in 2000, dealing in the Process and Exports of Pakistan Long Grain Basmati and Non-Basmati Parboiled and White Rice. The Corporation is providing matchless Services to its valued Clients – equipped with the strength of competent Staff Members. The Organization is striving for their Moto of “Customers Satisfaction”.

We make sure that the Grain is from the best available and matured Crop only. To ensure the Rice quality a chain of steps are undertaken by our Quality Control Team before buying any Crop so that the purchased Crop is paramount and is never been compromised. Hence meeting the International Standards the extremely delicate Raw Materials are processed in “ZS RICE PROCESSING MILLS” situated in S.I.T.E. Area of the Metropolis. The Processes adopted are Technically Advanced ensuring that the Rice from ZS Trading Corporation is of Highest Quality and up to the Buyer’s satisfactions.

ZS RICE PAKISTAN provides personalized services such as private labeling and customized packaged Artwork Designed as per your specification.

Export Destinations: At present ZS is exporting Rice to East Africa, West Africa, Gulf, and USA.


Rice Mills: At ZS Trading Corporation, Rice Processing is an exclusive procedure – everything complies with a High Standard of Quality, Unique to the Sector. The Company has managed to combine the great respect of its Rice-Growing Origins with the Quality Conscious measures.

ZS Rice Processing Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and high-tech machinery. The Plant is based on Production line equipped with Stake Machinery including Color Sortex, evidently making us distinctive from the rest of Unit in Pakistan. Our Processing Unit has a Capacity of 5 Metric Tons per hour and stocking capacity up to 10,000 Metric Tons. The atmosphere in the premises is hygienic and recommendable for the food products. The premises are dust and bacteria free and hygienically maintained on monthly basis. All the machines, conveyers, bins and hoppers are equipped with an ample sized aspiration system; the entire building is kept dust-free. The System is automatic to prevent human interaction at any stage of the process. At ZS the Samples are drawn every hour by the Quality Assurance Department supervised by the Analysts and Experts so that Quality is assured right from Processing till its Packing.


Vision and Values:


Being into competitive market, we have a focus over value adding and cost efficient factors which make us one of the renowned Pakistani Rice Exporters.

  • Best Quality of Basmati and Non-Basmati varieties of Rice are supplied to our valuable Clients, so that they can be satisfied with the Standards of Rice and adhere to the International Regulations on Pesticides, and other harmful bacteria.
  • The Packing of Shipments is exclusively monitored keeping in view the voyage period under strict handling conditions and hygienic environments.
  • To maintain the Specifications of the Packing as per the Customer’s Requirements and Standards.
  • Ensure Timely and Swift deliveries at Destinations.
  • To fulfill the requirements of our Clients to their entire Satisfaction.
  • Strict measures are taken to make quick and prompt liaison with our Customer’s and to keep them abreast with their Shipment Schedules.